Your present is a vision of the future

During an interview I was asked by a journalist, “Sir what do you value most in life? I replied “TIME, CHARACTER AND RELATIONSHIP including loyalty to the Nation, flag and the Organization I serve”. To this the interviewer further asked me to elucidate… I retorted, valuing time honesty of purpose and parents and teachers spending enough energy and availability to the children/youth!

In a personal capacity, having mentored hundreds of youth aspiring to join the Defence forces, I found that those who have chartered their career choice well in advance (mid school level) and having sought guidance, have got what they desired. This included those who restricted their access to a phone, internet, facebook etc, which eats into quality time for outdoor and Indoor activities.’

I was also surprised to find that 70% of the students selected the wrong subjects/degree not matching their skills and interests. I had a dentist, film/TV actor, DJ and a vetenary student who gave up mid way through their college and applying for a Commission for the Armed Forces….

So what’s the panacea! Identify your interests and Skills today; seek advice and guidance build additional/vocational aptitudes and earn requisite certificates/degrees; enroll in contact programmes, and update one self !

We are indeed blessed to be born in a Democratic Nation where opportunities are vast and varied, thus challenge yourself and empower oneself in translating your Present for the future!”

Author: ColToms/-