SSB Rating - Tips and Tricks

Fresher, Repeater and Screened Out Candidates

Fresh Candidates or Freshers:
The candidates who are attending the Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview for the first time are called as Fresher's.

Repeat Candidates or Repeaters:
Candidates, who have faced SSB Interview at any point of time, may be after 12th or graduation, and have stayed at any selection board for 5 days for a particular entry, will be called a repeater in your next attempt.You are a repeater, irrespective of, how many times you got screened out, conference out or applied for any other service i.e., Army, Navy and Air Force.

Screened Out Candidates:
If a candidate has taken part in the screening test i.e. Stage I testing but failed to clear, is called a screened out candidate. If you have been through stage II testing ever then you will not come under screened out category irrespective of how many times you got screened out and generally a separate group is made for all such candidates for PPDT.

SSB does these kinds of categorization to provide equal opportunity for all the appearing candidates. As everyone is aware, repeaters are well aware of the procedure so they may outdo the Fresher. So candidates with similar experience will be given a common platform to showcase their qualities.

How groups are created in SSB interview:
As soon as you enter the Selection Centre you will be asked to fill up some forms like Travelling allowance and PIQ form etc. Then you will be asked to tell whether you are a fresher, screened out or repeater candidate. Based on that, few groups will be formed in which you will mostly find fresher, screened out and repeaters are grouped respectively and not mixed up.