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OLQs to Show during Group Discussion In SSB Interview

Candidate has to face Group Discussion in both stage-I and stage-II testing, though both Group Discussion are different but are of utmost importance.

OLQs to Represent During Group Discussion in SSB Interview
Here are some of the traits which a candidate must followduring the group discussion.

  • Team Player
    The candidate must always assume himself a team player during the group discussion and by his ability later he may be a team leader. Management aspirants who lack team skills cannot be good managers.
  • Reasoning Ability
    Reasoning ability plays an important role while expressing your opinions or ideas at a GD. Aspirant of armed forces must develop the skill of reasoning. The answer which you give to the officer must be reason but not the assumption.
  • Leadership
    There are three types of situations that can arise in a GD. GD where participants are unable to establish a proper rapport and do not speak much.A Group Discussion, where participants get emotionally charged and the GD get chaotic.A Group Discussion, where participants discuss the topic assertively by touching on all its nuances and try to reach the objective.

    A leader would have the following qualities:
    • She/he shows direction to the group whenever group moves away from the topic.
    • She/he coordinates the effort of the different team members in the GD.
    • She/he contributes to the GD at regular intervals with valuable insights.
    • She/he also inspires and motivates team members to express their views.
  • Flexibility
    When you are in group discussion never stands in with your opinion. When you stand in the group discussion it means you are giving your conclusion without discussing. Also, if you encounter an opposition with a very strong point at the 11th hour, you end up in a typical catch-22 situation:
    • If you change your stand, you are seen as a fickle-minded or a whimsical person.
    • If you do not change your stand, you are seen as an inflexible, stubborn and obstinate person.
  • Assertiveness
    You must put forth your point to the group in a very emphatic, positive and confident manner. You should never implement your idea on others. Aggressiveness is all about forcing your point on the other person, and can be a threat to the group. An aggressive person can also demonstrate negative body language, whereas an assertive person displays positive body language.
  • Initiative
    When you are in the group discussion, once the topic is given to the aspirant you must take initiative to start about the topic.Initiate a Group Discussion only if you are well versed with the topic. If you start and fail to contribute at regular intervals, it gives the impression that you started the GD just for the sake of the initial points.
  • Creativity/ Out of the box thinking
    When you are giving out your ideas always remember not to make it very long sentence finish it with short and appropriate sentence.An idea or a perspective which opens new horizons for discussion on the GD topic is always highly appreciated.When you put across a new idea convincingly, such that it is discussed at length by the group, it can only be positive.
  • Inspiring ability
    A good group discussion should incorporate views of all the team members.If some team members want to express their ideas but are not getting the opportunity to do so, giving them an opportunity to express their ideas or opinions will be seen as a positive trait. But do not interrupt when others are expressing their views. Do not force someone to express their view if they are not willing to say anything about the topic.
  • Listening
    Just expressing your views doesn’t show that your well good at topic or good and convincing others. An officer must be all round when he is leading a team. The most important ability for an officer is to listening to others view because each one comes out with different affective ideas and creative sentence which might be more convincing than yours.Always try and strike a proper balance between expressing your ideas and imbibing ideas.
  • Awareness
    You must be aware of all the micro and macro issues going around globally. This might help you in the group discussion. For this situation you must start reading newspaper or prefer instant news through media which might help you do better in the task. Always be aware about the nation news first then the international news.